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gay dating website rocky mount north carolina Winterthur FAQs ABOUT BE MARKABLE, PHOENIX, AZ

  1. incontri 18 lecco Will you ship my order?

YES, we will ship your order if needed.  If you are located locally (Arizona) then we will deliver your order to you if requested.  Please contact us for more details on shipping and delivery

  1. Which printing method should I use for my project?

Every printing method has pros and cons.  Read our Services page to see what the differences are.  If you are still not sure which method to choose please call us to discuss further.

  1. Can I use a credit card to pay for my order?

YES, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal.

  1. Can you expedite my order?

Yes, there may be a rush order charge.  Please contact us to discuss further.

  1. What is the best shirt to choose?

There are many different options.  It depends on what your shirt is going to be used for.  A business shirt will be different then a baseball team shirt.  The products listed on our website are the most common, however we have a catalog of thousands of products so if you don’t see what you are interested in, please contact us to discuss more options.  You can check out our full catalog at 

  1. Can I use my own graphic?

YES you can use your own graphic for a custom printed tshirt.  We need a vector image.  We have design services to help you create the perfect graphic if you need help with the artwork!

  1. Is my image print worthy?

Every image is different.  We inspect every image to make sure it is “print worthy” and if it is not we will contact you.  We need a vector image.  Logos or Images from the internet are usually NOT print worthy.

  1. Do you have design services? 

YES, we have design services.  We can help you create a new, custom logo or graphic for your custom tshirt.  We have been working with graphics for over 10 years, so we have endless ideas and creativity for your project.  Contact us to discuss your project!